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Claude Laude

Foster High School
ELL Social Studies Teacher

Hello! My name is Claude.

I’m deep into my mid-twenties, or maybe early in my late-twenties. Besides my undergraduate college days on the east side of the stateBurien, a suburb of Seattle, is where I call home. It isn’t really a suburb anymore though, in the traditional sense. I’m the elder son to a pair of previously thick-accented, Visaya speaking, always hardworking immigrant Filipinos I call Nanay and Tatay. They left the Philippines in the 1980’s after living through the mess of post-WWII Philippines. I try to work towards empowering youth in my community by providing the opportunity to learn and growI am an educator. I’m a social studies teacher at the best high school on the planet. Social studies and historical thinking skills are my favorite. I’m a sucker for backwards planning and reliable/valid assessment practices. I have a predictable tendency to throw omoplatas. I devour music. My current music fandom obsession is the wonderful world of EDM, but I’m a lifelong fan of oldiesrock, and hip-hop too. I am a firm believer that harm reductionand honest drug education are the most effective ways to reduce the ever growing issue of drug related deaths in American society and beyond.  I’m a fan of professional eSports (SmashDota 2Overwatch), high level BJJ, and MMA. As far as ethical and general philosophical frameworks are concerned, Socrates and Buddha are some powerful influences. I’ve found introspection to be really important, and introversion to be total bliss when embraced. I value the importance of surrounding myself with people way better than me. Be a good friend. This website shows I have basic computer skills. We live an absurd existence.  Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns